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After Surgery

Many people who are preparing to go into surgery often think “what will it take to recover sooner than later?” Most people want to return to work or the gym as fast as possible. However, recovering from surgery, for the most part, is a pretty linear process and requires that you follow the doctor’s instructions. If it is major surgery, then you’ll want to get home care assistance after surgery. This extra help makes it easier for you to recuperate and speed up the healing process.


Below are a few other things you can do to speed up recovery.


Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Sure, it may seem like the common sense thing to do, but you must follow even minor instructions. Even follow those instructions that may appear silly or pointless to you. Take, for instance, if the doctor advises that you don’t lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for a month after surgery, make sure you don’t. The same goes for avoiding driving if the doctor advises it.


Stick to the Right Diet

Some people may feel as though their diet is leading to constipation, and that means it’s time to change it. However, that’s not what you should be doing – at least without the doctor’s consent. Some foods aid with healing and fatigue. Your post-surgical home care assistant can be directed to prepare foods that are rich in protein, B12, Vitamin C, and fiber, etc.

On the other hand, there are certain foods you should avoid at all costs. You will want to avoid sports drinks, for instance, which while it claims to hydrate your body and replenish sodium levels, it can also cause the body to retain water. More water in the body means more swelling.

Speaking of foods to avoid, make sure you limit your intake of refined sugars. Sugars increase fatigue because it causes blood sugar levels to fluctuate and it increases inflammation throughout the body – both can hinder healing.


Make It To Every Appointment

Now, even if you might be feeling better, you should still visit your doctor. The doctor will be able to find issues that you aren’t able to see, especially relating to the incision or something internal. You might be asked to get follow-up blood work to eliminate any instance of infection as well as adjusting the medication. Follow directions, do what the doctor says.


Get Home Care After Short Term Rehab

You will always want to keep pain at a reasonably tolerable level. If there is too much pain, it can lead to a blood clot or even pneumonia. Get home care assistance after short term rehab just so that you don’t have to fight through the pain to carry out home-related chores.


Move, But Carefully

When you can start walking, it becomes essential to walk to prevent blood clots as well as getting your digestion working. Your home care professional can help with walking and exercise, which prevents further complications. Walking a few minutes every hour or two will help to reduce instances of complications.



Life after surgery can be difficult for many people. However, when you have home care assistance you can have a little help so it’s easier to take each day as it comes. Stick to the plan the doctor gave you, let the home care professional do things so you can heal, and you will be a lot better before you know it!

What tips would you add for helping to recover faster after surgery?

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