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The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), available in Sullivan County, empowers patients by allowing them to personally select a caregiver for their home health needs. Instead of relying on an unfamiliar individual, CDPAP enables you and your family to choose someone you already know and trust to provide necessary home care services. This program supports those who want to care for their chronically ill or physically disabled loved ones by offering them fair compensation for their caregiving efforts.

Comfort and Independence

Your Care - Our Passion

The goal of CDPAP is to bestow recipients with decision-making power, letting them decide the nature, provider, and delivery mode of their care.

CDPAP Program Provider in Sullivan County, NY

CDPAP: A Win-Win Solution

Assurance in Care

With CDPAP, you can be assured that your loved one is in safe, comfortable, and capable hands. Being present daily allows for the best care possible, providing you with invaluable peace of mind.

Rewarding Kindness

Caring for someone you love becomes even more rewarding with CDPAP. You’ll receive a competitive weekly paycheck, allowing you to care with your whole heart, free from financial worries.

Comforting Familiarity

The program emphasizes the comfort that comes from a known and trusted caregiver. Your loved one can relax and heal with a familiar face, avoiding the stress of adapting to a new aide.

Empowerment for Both

Allowing your loved one to choose and guide their caregiver not only maintains their dignity during times of dependency but also instills a sense of empowerment for both of you.

Who is eligible for CDPAP?

The CDPAP is accessible to individuals who meet certain criteria. Primarily, the program is designed for those who require assistance with daily living activities due to a medical condition or disability. Key eligibility requirements include:


  • Medicaid Eligibility: The person needing care must be eligible for Medicaid, as CDPAP is a Medicaid-funded program.
  • Need for Home Care: The individual must have a medical condition or disability that necessitates home care services.
  • Ability to Make Decisions: The patient, or someone on their behalf, must be capable of making informed choices about their care and managing their own caregiver.
  • Doctor’s Approval: A physician must assess the individual’s condition and confirm the need for the type of services that CDPAP provides.


Residency Requirement: The individual must be a resident of New York State.

Who is Eligible to Become Caregiver?

To be eligible as a caregiver under CDPAP, certain criteria must be met. Firstly, you need to be at least 18 years of age and have legal authorization to work in the United States. However, there are specific exclusions: if you are the legal spouse of the care recipient, you cannot qualify as a caregiver under this program. Additionally, if the care recipient is under 21 years old, parents are not eligible to serve as paid caregivers through CDPAP.

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Starting Your CDPAP Journey in Three Easy Steps

We streamline the process for you and your loved one, making it as effortless as possible.


Step 1: Reach Out to Home Care For Adults

Our dedicated team is here to answer all your questions and assist you through each step. To begin, simply call us at 929-205-5558 for a complimentary consultation.

Step 2: Eligibility Confirmation

Let us handle the complexities. We’ll confirm your loved one’s eligibility, assist in their registration and caregiver selection, and help determine the extent of assistance they’re entitled to.

Step 3: Start Caring and Earning

Begin providing care to your loved one swiftly and start receiving weekly payments directly into your bank account. It’s straightforward and efficient!

Need Assistance with Your CDPAP Application in Sullivan County?

Don’t navigate the CDPAP application process alone! Reach out to Home Care For Adults at 929-205-5558 today! Our experienced team is ready to guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Whether it’s understanding the eligibility requirements, filling out the application, or selecting the right caregiver, we are there to help. Call now and take the first step towards securing the best care for your loved one!

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