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A Caregiver Can Use These Top 3 Free Apps that for their Seniors at Home

See these three free apps that can help caregivers give more efficient care to seniors at home.

There are many resources that a caregiver can use to help care for seniors at home. Using smartphones and technology offers resources to caregivers that they might otherwise not have. Here are three free apps that can empower caregivers and help them take care of seniors at home even better.

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Many seniors and older adults can no longer drive themselves due to injury, disability, or fear of getting behind the wheel. Rideshare services, such as Lyft (lyft.com) can get these individuals wherever they may need to go, safely and securely, without any hassle. Lyft is a ridesharing service that arranges peer-to-peer rides on-demand. Passengers are matched with a nearby driver who picks them up within minutes and takes them where they want to go. Caregivers can arrange for transportation remotely and set up a credit card as payment, making it a breeze for seniors to get a ride and maintain their independence. Ridesharing services such as Lyft helps keep older adults independent and able to attend appointments, social functions, and church activities, without always relying on the caregiver.



The CareZone app makes it simple to manage a senior’s health conditions and everyday care instructions. Its many features help keep caregivers organized in one easy-to-use interface. The medication, calendar and journal features allow caregivers to document senior’s symptoms, track and record doctor appointments, instructions and prescription refills, and keep a list of medications, dosages, and progress over time. Caregivers can also share this information securely with a senior’s family to keep them in the loop of their loved one’s care. The app also allows you to share your calendar with others so family members can attend appointments if they wish. The contacts feature help caregivers organize and share important contacts, phone numbers, and emails—including doctors, pharmacies, insurance providers, and the off-hours advice nurse. While the notes section allows caregivers to store important notes such as insurance information, instructions, and other details they may need about a patient. Caregivers are also able store photos and files including senior’s driver’s license and insurance cards, discharge instructions, and more so they have access to them on the go.

First Aid by American Red Cross

Caregivers have a lot to remember about each patient they are caring for. The First Aid by American Red Cross app keeps the basics handy so caregivers have vital information in case of an emergency. The app gives caregivers instant access and easy-to-follow instructions both with text, images and videos on how to identify and handle the most common first aid injuries such as allergies, bleeding, burns, seizures, heart attacks, poisoning, and more so caregivers can always be prepared. It’s also integrated with emergency medical services so users can call 911 through the app. The hospital section helps you find a hospital near you in case you are in an unfamiliar area. Caregivers can also take quizzes through the app to test their knowledge of first aid and learn important skills that will empower them to be even better caregivers.

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