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Nancy Mathers is a widow living in New York City. If you ask her about her life, she begins with stories about her late husband, who supported her and their five children before he passed away after 25 years of marriage. He had done well to prepare for her to be financially stable should he “go before she does.” After his death, she was able to be home and available to the three children still at home and care for them while going to school herself in preparation for finding work.


After a long, full life of being active in her community and many different social groups, Nancy is now in her 70s. She suffers from a few health complications that interfere with her ability to do some ‘normal’ daily living things. One of the most annoying and painful is rheumatoid arthritis. It makes it difficult to grip and carry anything larger or heavier than a can of tomatoes or swing a golf club. Doing basic laundry takes three times longer because it is painful to bend over and pull things up. Then, she has balance issues that prevent her from safely navigating the steps on the back deck or walk the aisles at the grocery. She now also needs daily insulin shots for diabetes and weekly shots for allergies.


Of her five children, two live close by and are willing to help when they can. Sherry, her daughter, stops by after work a couple of times a week, and Tom, her son, comes over on Saturdays to help with laundry and basic cleaning. Neither can spend full days with Nancy because of their responsibilities to their own families and work schedules.


Sherry and Tom decided that a daily home care attendant would be great to ensure that their mother has assistance with meal preparations and home care. They are concerned that the home care attendant isn’t allowed to administer the daily insulin shots or weekly allergy shots.


Then they discovered the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) here in New York.


Under the CDPAP program, Sherry can get paid to take care of her mother. Because personal assistants are allowed to administer skilled services, Sherry can give her mother the daily insulin shots and weekly allergy shots. This means she can give her mother the kind of care that only a daughter can provide, without compromising on her responsibilities to her own family. Combine this with a home care attendant, and Nancy is more engaged and active with family and friends.


What is CDPAP Private Home Care?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a New York State Medicaid program that allows you to recruit, hire, and direct the home care workers of their choice. In our opinion, the best part is that you are allowed to employ eligible family members and friends.


Are you eligible for CDPAP Private Home Care assistance?


Three criteria must be met to be eligible:

1. You must be enrolled in some form of Medicaid Managed Care.

2. You must require home care.

3. You must be self-directing, or you must have a representative that can direct your care.


Numerous other criteria must be met, of course. We are pleased that Nancy can have a home care attendant to assist with her daily living needs and her daughter Sherry to assist with her non-medical needs.


Something important to understand is that Home Care for Adults and US Veteran Care do not administer the program. However, we can help you navigate it. Applications and enrollments for CDPAP must be done through your local department of Social Services or Medicaid plan.


Other factors can affect your eligibility, but if you meet the above criteria, we recommend you give us a call to see if you can enroll. Call us at (929) 205-5558.


Do you have questions about CDPAP?

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