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Cognitive Decline: What Causes it in the Elderly?

One of the most common worries that people have, as they get older, is cognitive decline.
Your elderly loved one may be worried about this, now that they are in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, or even older. If so, one of the things that you and your elderly loved one should do is to learn more about the causes of cognitive decline in the elderly. By learning more about these causes, you and elder care providers might be able to help your loved one prevent these declines.


Homecare in Nassau NY: Cognitive Decline
Homecare in Nassau NY: Cognitive Decline


Side Effects from Medications

One of the things that can cause cognitive declines in the elderly is the side effects of medications. There are many medications that could cause issues with your elderly loved one’s brain functions. Pain medications, anxiety relief medications, and other medications are just the beginning. If your elderly loved one is taking a new medication and then experiencing cognitive decline shortly after, you should talk to their doctor about this.


Metabolic Imbalances

Another thing that could cause cognitive declines in the elderly is metabolic imbalances. This means that the chemistry of your elderly loved one’s blood is abnormal. They may have issues with their glucose, calcium, or sodium levels. If this is the case, they may experience forgetfulness, disorientation, and other issues.


Liver or Kidney Dysfunctions

Your elderly loved one might have liver or kidney dysfunctions that cause cognitive decline. The main reason for these declines is usually metabolic imbalances, as just mentioned. If you suspect that your elderly loved one is having any decline in their brain functions, be sure to talk to their doctor. The doctor can run tests to help determine what is going on or to rule out certain things, such as liver or kidney dysfunctions.


Vitamin Deficiencies

Many family members believe their elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Sometimes that is not the case. If your elderly loved one has vitamin deficiencies, that could be the reason for their memory loss or other cognitive declines. If your elderly loved one suddenly starts experiencing these declines, the doctor can run blood tests to check vitamin levels.



These are some of the causes of cognitive declines in the elderly. If your elderly loved one is experiencing these types of declines, you or the elder care provider they have should get them to a doctor soon. The doctor can help to determine what type of cognitive decline they have and what is causing it.


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