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In-Home care means that you are getting some type of care, in your house, by a professional caregiver. The caregiver is tasked with assisting you while you recover from injury, from surgery, from mobility issues caused by illness, or as you begin to experience decline in physical functions. Whether you would like someone to come in and cook and clean, or whether you need someone to assist you by running errands each week, a home care professional can make your days easier.


Life can be difficult when everything is going well. Add the challenges associated with living alone while being limited in your ability to do the daily living things you are used to doing and you can see why a home care professional is a good option.


A few reasons to get in-home care to help you:


Mobility issues.

After an injury or surgery, being confined to a wheelchair can make basic tasks a real challenge. Tasks such as house cleaning, laundry, and cooking. Navigating a tricky hallway or being in the backyard and trying to get up the wheelchair ramp will be much easier when a home care professional is near. Personal grooming can be difficult if you are unable to raise your arms above your head, but with a personal care professional you can get assistance.


Memory issues.

Whether the memory issues are short-term or long-term, due to aging or injury, a professional home care assistant can remind you of your activity schedule, keep you on track with medications, and ensure that you are eating as well as you need to.


Essentially, in-home care is available to assist you as you go about your daily activities. What you are unable to do, physically or mentally, the home care professional can. This relieves you of stress that can hinder your ability to heal and enjoy life.


Whether you would like a home care employee to come in and cook and clean, or whether you require someone to assist you run errands every week, home care is more affordable and flexible than you might think. Contact Home Care for Adults and get answers to your questions about what a home care professional can do for you.


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