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More About CDPAP and Private Home Care - New York


As providers of home care services in the NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Nassau County areas, we think it is essential that our clients know the availability of CDPAP.


While we do not administer the program, we can help you navigate it. Applications and enrollments for CDPAP must be done through your local department of Social Services or Medicaid plan.


Many factors affect eligibility, and we are available to discuss those and other details. You can call us at (929) 205-5558.


Her Daughter and Son Received CDPAP Assistance

Recently we shared a short story about Nancy Mathers, a widow with rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, and minor balance issues. Her daughter and son applied for and received CDPAP assistance. This allows them to be paid as caregivers for their mother. It also allowed them to afford to bring in private home care services to offer daily living support. This combination is allowing Nancy to stay in her home while addressing her emotional and physical needs.


What Is CDPAP?

Many people in the New York City area are unfamiliar with CDPAP. Here are a few answers to common questions:


CDPAP is the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program. It was established in 1996 to support the chronically ill and people with physical disabilities by providing more flexibility and freedom in finding a caregiver. Currently, the program allows individuals to choose caregivers from those they already know and trust.


A great benefit of this program is that it removes a lot of the financial stress carried by friends and family members caring for a loved one. Without this program, those who provide care often have to take days off from work and risk losing benefits and pay. At the moment, the CDPAP program pays up to $18/hr to the family or friends who provide care. Family caregivers have the freedom to plan and participate in the care of a loved one while freeing up finances to hire a private home care assistant to share in the care of their loved one.


Who qualifies for CDPAP?

To be a consumer, the one who needs the care, you should be covered by Medicaid.


To be a caregiver, you can be a friend, parent, adult child over 21, or other family members. A spouse is not eligible to be a paid caregiver. Something that excites many people is that your home care assistant does not need formal certification to provide your care. You are the sole director of your needs. This means that you choose who provides your care, and you select the type of care they provide.


Here is something to consider: this comes with the responsibility to train, hire, plan your care, and keep payroll records to ensure your caregiver is properly compensated through Medicaid.


While we would like to offer detailed answers for every question related to CDPAP, there is plenty of information available on the city website here https://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/program/longterm/cdpap.htm


We can assist you with the application details and share how our caregivers can work with you and your loved ones to ensure that your care plan is carried out exactly how you want. You can call us at (929) 205-5558.


Have you applied for and received CDPAP assistance?

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