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Home Safety Top Tips to Protect Aging Adults from Elder Abuse and Financial Predators

Protect Aging Adults-Elder abuse happens to 1 in 10 seniors. Help spot the signs of elder abuse and protect your loved one.

As individuals age and have less mobility and independence, they are more susceptible to elder abuse and becoming a victim of financial predators.

Elder abuse can include: physical, sexual and emotional abuse, exploitation, neglect and abandonment. Predators can include staff at nursing home or caretaking facilities, children, spouses, family members or even strangers.

Protect your loved one! Look for the warning signs of elder abuse:
• Physical: bruises, burns, abrasions, broken bones, pressure marks.
• Emotional: unexplained or unusual depression, withdrawal from normal activities, change in alertness, strained relationships. arguments between caregiver and adult.
• Neglect: poor hygiene, sudden weight loss, bedsores and other unattended medical needs.
• Verbal or emotional abuse: Overhearing or witnessing threats, demeaning comments or power struggles between older adult and caretaker or another individual.

Financial Abuse and Financial Predators
Very few cases of financial abuse are actually reported. It can be heartbreaking for an older individual to work hard their entire life, only to be preyed upon by a stranger or loved one.

Protect Aging Adults-Help spot the signs of elder abuse and protect your loved one.


7 warning signs that may indicate a senior is a victim of financial abuse:

Seniors who have been abused in some form have a 300% higher risk of death compared to individuals who have not been mistreated. Abuse can also cause depression, isolation and withdraw from normal activities. Watch for the warning signs to protect your loved one.

Protect Aging Adults-Elder abuse happens to 1 in 10 seniors


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