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Why Senior Care at Home Makes the Most Sense

Senior Care at Home Makes the Most Sense

Getting older is part of life. But as we age, certain (sometimes difficult) decisions need to be made about where you or your loved one will live out their Golden Years.

As a senior citizen, decreased mobility, medications, and medical conditions can make previously simple tasks a real challenge. Children often joke about “putting their parents in a home”, but as they (or you) age, this becomes less of a punchline and more of an anxiety-provoking fear.

In fact, according to a study conducted by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), over 90% of senior citizens prefer to stay in their home as long as possible, even if that means that the home needs to be updated to accommodate their evolving needs, or that they will require additional assistance and support.

Home is truly where the heart is, and where your loved ones feel safe, comforted and loved. Which is why home care in New York is a major consideration for most families facing these difficult decisions.

Home Care in New York

Put Your Loved one in a “Home” – Their own

Advancements in modern medicine and healthcare, coupled with improved quality of life have people in New York living longer than ever before. This trend translates to an increased demand for long-term care solutions to support this segment of the population in remaining autonomous and independent as long as possible (ideally in their own New York Homes).

Aging in place in their own home has a wide range of benefits. One study demonstrated that seniors living at and getting senior care at home improved several quality of life parameters including but not limited to enhanced self-esteem, better relationships with friends, family and neighbors, and an overall improved life satisfaction rating.

The good news is that with the proper assistance and a little planning, aging adults can safely and reliably make the transition into senior-living at home.

The Benefits of Senior Care at Home in New York

Financial Freedom and Reduced Costs

Long-term care costs in New York are on the rise, forcing many families to look for alternative solutions for their loved ones.

Example Costs:

The expense of nursing home stays can put an exorbitant amount of financial strain on families, leaving many New Yorkers struggling to keep up with the bills.

Physicians and Healthcare

The transition to a nursing home often requires that the individual move a significant distance from their regular doctors, hospital and other members of their healthcare team. Staying at home allows them to retain their current medical team who is already familiar with their history, medications, treatment plans, progression, and with whom they already feel comfortable with.

Senior Care at Home in New York

Better Interpersonal Relationships

Loneliness is a serious mental health issue for America’s aging population, with a University of California San Francisco study revealing that more than 40% of seniors 65+ experience loneliness regularly.

Moving away from friends, family and neighbors can be an isolating and traumatizing experience for seniors, causing a deep sense of disconnection and separation from others. Not only does this cause emotional distress, but the effects also translate into an increased risk for serious medical conditions.

According to a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology, loneliness is a major risk factor for obesity, stroke, heart disease, depression, cognitive decline and has the potential to catalyze the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Other research quantifies loneliness as being as potentially as damaging to one’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Freedom and Independence

Loss of freedom and independence is a leading fear among aging individuals who have spent their entire lives handling things themselves, from raising their family to having a fulfilling career. Yet as we get older, living independently can become a challenge. Struggles with mobility, financial strains, medical conditions and more can all represent significant hurdles.

That said, home care in New York can make living at home independently a reality. Affordable, reliable and high-quality support provided by Home Care For Adults can help seniors retain their freedom and dignity at home where they belong.

Home Care for Adults was created out of a passion and dedication to helping seniors live their best lives at home around their loved ones and the community they feel safe in.

Sense of Purpose in Life

The loss of independence is an isolating experience wrought with limiting factors that contribute to depression, hopelessness and a lost sense of “purpose” in life. Visit any nursing home facility in New York and you’ll no doubt find a large percentage of the community simply “sitting around waiting to die” with no sense of purpose or contribution to society.

In a nursing home, there is little opportunity to “contribute” or participate in the things that give them joy and purpose. But at home, the possibilities are virtually endless, allowing individuals to explore new hobbies, participate in their favorite activities, get involved in volunteer efforts or even start a new business.

Personalized Relationships with Their Support Team

Care in a nursing home is often rushed, with staff and healthcare workers “making the rounds” among the residents, resulting in short interactions and less “personalized” care. At-home care, by contrast, from assistants to live-in home care staff to visiting nurses is focused on relationships, care, compassion and comfortability.

Comfortability and Familiarity

Aging isn’t always easy. It can be a challenging and trying time for many, facing their mortality and decreased physical and cognitive abilities. During this time, being in a familiar, safe and loving environment can help them live out their Golden Years feeling cared for.

Peace in the Lack of Uncertainty

Fear of the unknown is a human trait we all experience. Seniors often fear not knowing where they will live, who will take care of them, and if they will have to be “put in a home” full of strangers and away from family and loved ones. Give them the peace of mind they deserve by allowing them to stay at home in retirement.

COVID-19 Pandemic: a serious health risk for nursing homes and facilities

According to the former director of the CDC, Tom Frieden, nursing homes are “Ground Zero” in the COVID-19 pandemic (as cited in the Journal of American Medical Association), with the virus having ravaged nursing homes and care facilities coast to coast.

Although the first nursing home to be hit in the USA was based in Seattle, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that nursing homes around the country are expected to experience the worst of COVID-19.

Close quarter living, coupled with inadequate disease prevention mechanisms and protocols, put this aging portion of the population at incredible risk for contracting COVID-19. Nursing homes are known for outbreaks of the “common flu”, with a 2014 CDC report documenting more than 2500 norovirus outbreaks in the US between 2009-2012, with a staggering 80% of those outbreaks having occurred in long-term care facilities.

Of great concern is the fact that nursing homes are full of society’s most vulnerable population, with many residents already battling chronic illness or compromised immune systems. Compounding the level of risk is the fact that staff at such facilities often are not provided sick leave and lack consistent hand-washing protocols.

Such outbreaks put an overwhelming strain on long-term care staff, leading to improper or lack of care and support for those infected, resulting in higher mortality rates.

Closing Thoughts on Home Care in New York

There is no time like the present to begin preparing for home care in New York. At Home Care For Adults, we have a true passion and dedication for helping senior citizens in the community prepare for and tackle challenges at home with ease.

We are committed to providing a broad range of services designed to help senior citizens live their best life, independently and with dignity.

From companionship to mobility assistance and personal care and support, our experienced and compassionate caregivers are ready and eager to assist.

Call or message today to explore home care options in New York and to learn more about why senior care at home is often the superior option when considering nursing homes or long-term care facilities.

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