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Caregiving for a loved one

Caregiving is a highly stressful job. Whether it is caring for your aging parents, an injured loved one, or if it’s home care after surgery. Hands-on caregivers go through a great deal of physical and emotional stress. After a while, there comes a time when you can no longer cope with the stress, and it is at that point that you decide to quit.


However, telling other family members that you can no longer care for a member of the family is very difficult. Your family members have come to rely on you for taking care of this person, and the sudden departure may come as a surprise. That said, with careful planning and using the right words, it is possible to make a seamless transition to using a home care agency or service.


Start By Talking About Why You Can No Longer Offer Home Care After Surgery

You will want to outline all the reasons why you no longer want to be the primary caregiver for the person. Think about all the most important reasons. Make sure that you can distill and explain the thought process to the people you love.


Here are a few reasons why you might not want to provide hands-on caregiving:



You Might Want to Speak With Other Family Members First

Now, before you get into a discussion with the person you are caring for, you might want to discuss it with other members of the family. Start with people who are likely to agree with you. You will be able to get their support when you approach the other family members – and of course, the person you are caring for. They can also help you refine the message so your other family members can understand your need to step back and to stop being the primary caregiver.


Make Alternate Caregiving Arrangements

If you can’t provide home help after surgery, then who can? You can hire a home care professional to take your place. Do some research to find the best person for the job. You can contact a hospital, rehab center, or short/long term care facility for recommendations. You will want to contact services and agencies that specialize in providing home care for adults. When you find the right person, have them work alongside you for a few days until they fully transition into the role. Doing this makes it easier for the person being cared for to handle the change while putting your mind at ease that you have chosen the right person for the job.


Are you a caregiver? Have you taken advantage of a having homecare professional take your place for a while or permanently?


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