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There are many benefits to the patient recovering at home. The positive effect that a familiar setting can have on health and mood is unmistakable. While the need for a suitable care facility may arise, many surgical and physical rehab patients wish to keep this option as a last resort. Whatever level of assistance they may need, most can be provided within the home.


When looking for a home care service provider, there are a few questions to keep in mind.


First, you want to know if a home care service provider will provide consistency with the staff members they send. It can be hard enough to let someone into their home, but if the patient or client sees a new face every time they open the door, you may want to consider another home care service provider. Consistency helps to make the presence of an outsider if the home less intrusive.


At the same time, you want to inquire whether a particular home care service provider has backup staff. If the person who usually comes to provide service for the patient cannot make it, who will provide services? Do they have backup personnel to take over, or will you be scrambling to find someone else to fill in or simply do it yourself?


Home Care Services Offer Essential Assistance

The services that can be provided begin with essential in-home assistance. This type of assistance can cover a range of basic duties to help your loved one with basic daily living activities such as meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, bathing, hygiene, and medication administration. The staff members who provide these services help make life easier for your loved one while ensuring that everything that needs to get done is getting done.


You could also have service providers whose main duties include providing companionship. These companions can provide the company and social stimulation that is necessary for your a recovering patient’s quality of life. They, too, can provide assistance with basic tasks. These companion services ensure that your loved one has companionship when you cannot be there yourself.


Many home care service aides also assist with transportation. This could be transportation to medical appointments or anywhere else around town. Someone to help your loved one get around could help to run errands or shopping as needed.


Depending on the patient, it could be decided that a live-in caregiver is needed. This ensures the caregiver is available as much as possible to assist with anything the patient needs, day or night. As with any service being considered, the details of what a live-in provider offers depend on the patient’s needs.


Rehabilitation services can be provided in the home. This is usually geared toward those who have experienced injuries or acute medical conditions but can help your loved one to improve. For example, physical functioning and the daily living skills can be aided through physical therapy and occupational therapy.


All these services can be offered while Recovering At Home. There are more available. The important thing to note is that in-home service options exist and that they are available to any person unable to fully care for themselves after a hospital stay. Being able to recover at home, in a comfortable and familiar setting, is a great option.


What other Home Care services would you like to see available?

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