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For most people recovering at home from an accident or major surgery, one of the most difficult things to deal with is to navigate the hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms of their home. While rehabbing for a physical injury it is important that the home is a safe place. As a family member or someone related to the person who is now going to be recovering at home, there are a couple of things that can be done to make your home a safe space.


Start By Cleaning Up The House

Yes, cleaning up the house may sound strange, but it is one of the most important steps for home care after short term rehab. You might want to make a couple of changes to your home so that it is comfortable for the person now recovering.


If the loved one is recovering from a physical injury or surgery, you will want to remove items that may cause them injury. Usually, things like loose rugs, furniture that may make the space less accessible, and those that may get in the way should be removed. If they are using a wheelchair, then be sure to open up the space they will be living in as much as possible so that it is easily accessible.


Ensure That There is a Daily Routine in Place

It is easy for people who are recovering from a physical injury to fall into depression. Some people may get caught up in thinking about all they can’t do right now or wishing their lives would return to “normal” and this can make recovering very difficult. The best way to ensure that the person recovering does not sink into a series of negative thoughts, and consequently, negative actions are to enforce routine.


The routine should include fixed meal times, exercise times, cleaning times, gym time, fellowship meetings, school, household chores, and sleeping time. By staying busy, it becomes increasingly harder for the patient to relapse or go into a negative downward spiral.


Open Communication With The Patient for Home Care After Short Term Rehab

When a person is recovering, at times they can feel isolated. Some people who return home from rehab tend to cocoon themselves and isolate themselves from the rest of the family and their friends. The assumption is that by doing so, they will be safe. However, that’s an incorrect approach, and as a family member, you need to open up communication lines.


Always talk to your loved one about things like what successful recovery looks like, what life will be like after recovery, their favorite movie, a life event you share with them, etc. It is an important step to keep their minds off of things they cannot control and on things they can.



Your home can be a safe space for the person recovering from surgery or injury. However, it takes some time and getting used to, to ensure that everyone feels comfortable under your roof. Take the time now to prepare your home for when your loved one is released, get home care assistance for support, and your loved one will recover in record time.


What tips do you have to share about making a home safe for faster recovery?


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