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What Level of Care is Needed?


The search for appropriate care options will begin with an honest evaluation of where the situation stands right now. What led to the decision to investigate care options?  What does the patient or client want to do?  What services are necessary to keep them healthy, safe, on track with their goals? And, ultimately, what level of care is needed?


Much of your decision-making process will take care of itself once you have a clear picture of the current situation. This begins with knowing the problems or circumstances that merit the implementation of care options and what is causing these problems. If you are looking for assistance for an elderly or aging parent, now is not the time to assume that a problem or concern is a result of aging. There are many treatable, even reversible conditions that masquerade as the typical signs of aging.


If you are looking for assistance for someone recovering from surgery, leaving a physical rehab center after an injury, or leaving a mental health institution after an emotional breakdown, knowing their needs beyond basic housekeeping or cooking will determine the level of care they receive from the home care assistant.


Home Care Assistance For More Than Elderly Care

Home care assistance is often overlooked because it may be viewed as strictly for elder care or to assist with aging family members. Yet, home care agencies like Home Care for Adults employ caregivers who are trained and have skills that go beyond companionship or being able to transport a client to appointments.


Non-medical home care offers numerous specialty skills and include, but are not limited to,

If the patient or client can afford to hire out the numerous home maintenance services they would normally do themselves, then a simple care level may be companionship. Coming home from surgery to an empty house can be daunting. Having a home care assistant come in for a few hours a day to play cards, share a meal, enjoy a conversation around similar interests often is all that needed.


If the patient or client requires bathing and grooming assistance to support hygiene while recovering from surgery, it is important for you to know this will be needed because it can be a requested service of the home care assistant.


And then there is the high level of care associated with dementia or respite situations. Home Care for Adults is one agency in the New York City area that offers this level of non-medical home care assistance. When the medical assessment is thorough, the needs of the patient or client can be met with the right home care assistant.


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