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What Is Respite Care?

More than 65 million Americans are currently taking care of a loved one at home, someone who is disabled, recovering from surgery, chronically ill, or aging. Ask any caregiver about their role and they will tell you how rewarding it is. They will agree that it can be challenging, and if they are honest, they will admit that it can be very stressful. Many caregivers experience stress-related illnesses ranging from fatigue to high blood pressure. And, every caregiver can benefit by having a few hours, a day, or even a week away from the family member.


Respite care is planned or emergency temporary care that is designed to give caregivers a break. Home Care for Adults has home care assistants trained and skilled in many different areas, making respite care available to almost any caregiver for a short-term or time-limited break.


A few reasons a caregiver can benefit from respite care include:


1. Take care of their own health.

When the caregiver is able to eat well, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, and enjoy some recreation time, they are fit and able to care for the family member. A home care assistant can be hired for a few hours to do light housekeeping, cook a small meal, offer companionship, and more. This gives the caregiver time to spend at the gym, to enjoy time with friends, or to get a much needed nap.


2. Enlist the help of others.

Often the caregiver believes they must do the work by themselves. This is not the case. A home care assistant can be brought in to be a second pair of hands or another set of eyes in addition to the caregiver. Something as simple as doing a few household chores or running errands can reduce the level of stress the caregiver is feeling.


3. Take a short vacation.

More often than not, a caregiver will refuse to leave the family member for an extended period of time. There is no question that they need a vacation. The question is how to get them to take it. Understanding that home care assistance is available opens the door to having a conversation about the possibility of an overnight break.


New caregivers will balk at the idea of leaving a loved one in the care of someone else, even if it is for just a few hours. Experienced caregivers understand that when they are healthy, rested, and emotionally at peace they are able to offer better care for their loved one. Ask about respite care. Learn what is available. Only then can one know if a home care assistant is the answer.


Do you know a caregiver in need of respite? Have you been wondering how you can get a break to take care of yourself?


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